Adding New Employees

Please note that it is very important to insure that new employees eligible for coverage make application as a timely applicant. A timely applicant is an employee eligible for coverage who applies immediately after his/her probationary period. This applies for all coverages including medical, dental, disability and vision. As an example, if you have instituted a 90 day probationary period for coverage with your insurance carrier, the following would apply:

Hire Date:January 10, 20XX
Probationary Period Begins:January 10, 20XX
Probationary Periods Ends:April 10, 20XX
Application Period:April 10 to April 30, 20XX
Effective Date of Coverage:May 1, 20XX

The eligible insured should complete and execute an application after his/her probationary period is satisfied, but prior to his/her effective date of coverage. Once the application has been completed and executed, please immediately forward the application to your insurance carrier. The application needs to be received by your insurance carrier prior to the applicant’s effective date of coverage.

If an individual; does not make an application as a timely applicant, then he/she will be considered a late applicant. If considered a late applicant and applying for HMO coverage, the applicant will not be allowed to enroll for the HMO plan until your group’s next contract renewal date. If considered a late applicant and applying for PPO coverage, the applicant will be subject to an 18 month pre-existing condition limitation period.

Here are some of the applications for enrolling into the health plans. If you don't see the one that applies to the applicant, call our office and we will get it to you.

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