HIPAA Compliance

American Benefits Group is one of the most well-known leaders in navigating the HIPAA statute as it regulates all group insurance purchasers. American Benefits Group has designed a HIPAA Compliance program that can be specially designed to your group’s needs. We consult on all areas that the HIPAA statutes mandate certain compliance in terms of privacy and confidentiality.

The HIPAA confidentiality requirements are imposed on all self insured group and mandates certain safeguards against the release of medical or personal information. All non-compliant groups are subject to civil and criminal fines that can be severe. It is necessary for all self-insured groups to have this program in place by April of 2003..

The American Benefits Group program includes the following:

  1. Appointment of a “Privacy Officer”
  2. Develop a Privacy Policy
  3. Develop a list of all third party relationships that the group releases or has released information to regarding member/patient information.
  4. Send a letter contract to these parties which specifies their duties in protecting the information released according to the HIPAA standards.
  5. Update all documents used by the fund to include statements reflecting the HIPAA privacy requirements
  6. Send a letter to the membership describing the ways in which HIPAA affects them.
  7. Alter the Summary Plan Description to include statements about HIPAA’s regulations and standards.
  8. Develop an employee handbook detailing the HIPAA regulations.
  9. Train the staff on all of HIPAA’s privacy regulations

The program has been developed by the American Benefits Group legal department. Since this installation of this program requires legal opinion and practice, our Chief Counsel, Robert Mondo Jr., gives the presentations, installs and maintains the program.

If you have not acted on this requirement, you need to contact American Benefits Group as soon as possible.